Francesca Tulli

Nomadic relations of art 

Francesca Tulli has always operated her creative work starting from the displacement of the gaze, both in paintings and sculptures, whether ceramic or bronze. In this last series of works present in the exhibition entitled "Mutants" the displacement is even more evident. The title alludes to the way the artist conceives his work, something that goes beyond real physical limits and expresses its possible future evolution. The work is not limited to what can be seen, but alludes to something else. In the sense that what is actually seen reflects an idea among many other possible ideas. The tonal relationship between light and form, both in the bronzes and in the ceramics, is responsible for a certain external vibration or movement, for a "lucidness" that suggests a silent disorientation of the material elements. The LEDs inside the "heads" or rather the "faces" reveal that everything comes from inside and is structured outside of us. The result is, in essence, very clear for integrity and compositional balance. The uniqueness, an aspect of vital importance of his work, is achieved through the composition in which the elements are wisely arranged in space, relating to each other in a constructive development of forms. Shapes that seem to exist only in function of the knowledge of two qualities: purity and organization. But at the same time his work sometimes aspires to extend beyond its limits, in the hope that it will become a new way of looking at things.

Nomadic relations of art

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