Nomadic relations of art

Nomadic relations of art
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Massimo Scaringella

Whether new figuration, experimental languages or abstraction, common elements are always a careful observation of the evolving society of their continent and an explosion of life that make the exhibition an experience of the senses. Contemporary art increasingly seeks a precise integration with the territory, whether understood as environment or as human relations, which inevitably places it in confrontation with its visual context. The visible clearly imposes itself for what it is, not for what it represents, and the artist with his work faces with desacralising or artificial procedures the overcoming of the double game of reality or fantasy. He reflects on the growing and contemplative or even participatory interest of the observer with a meaning and content that are a challenge to his creative spontaneity. In this way, it creates a dialogue between physical and interior geographies, between social and creative tensions, without in any way neglecting the assimilation of behaviours of a territory that is outside of us and our original culture, in other places, which we struggle to consider our own, precisely because of our inability to experience them here and now as an element that is perceived and decoded. In the imposing scenario of a new creative idea, the works of contemporary artists have a particular prominence as they are often extraneous to the environments, generating an apparent visual conflict that at the same time leads to an effect of temporal amalgamation that transports us out of time. As Mircea Eliade writes, "The institution of a sacred space where a mythical scene out of time is relived in the present, is man's archetypal response to his terror of history, of becoming and of dissolution in multiplicity". The eternal return to the same safe cognitive sphere, both as an exorcism to the palpitating universe that the artists invoke and celebrate, and as a refuge from the dizzying pace of a universal tide, make that space seem closer and more recognisable to our ineffable humanity.

This temporal synthesis is the reason why the works chosen for this visual experience are all specifically chosen to outline an adventurous and surprising cultural journey in which the juxtaposition of sometimes radically different points of view manages to reveal the plot of a polyphonic narrative, an echo of the world to come as a result of the intersection of the vectors of the most precious past with those of contemporaneity. 

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