The places where we live are generally an expression of how we want to live, they constitute the dress of our daily life and in most cases are a fundamental part of our well-being. Generally their interior reflects and gives important indications on our way of living, on our daily life. An indication that evolves with the changing times, technology and the evolution of design increasingly inclined to cross the line with art. Demonstrating how interiors clearly reflect the political and social changes of their era. Even more true in these times of pandemic in which perhaps as never before in our lives we have enjoyed/absorbed in our homes.

The Housing Project implemented by H.Unica (Home-Human-Heritage) reflects the spirit of the times and tries to stimulate this meeting between contemporary art and design by inviting some artists to intervene in the "home base" designed by the staff considering that the artist in these transitional issues is a fundamental catalyst to perceive and decode the changes that society must generate, being at the same time beacon and pilgrim of customs and find the communicative / visual paths to expose his work and get closer to the people.

H.Unica is a prototype of dwelling, a flexible and innovative space where you can recognize yourself. Here you can live an immersive experience where you can find inspiration.

H.Unica is a prototype home, a flexible and innovative space where you can recognize yourself.

H.Unica goes beyond the concept of showroom: it is the place of exclusive comfort where you can discover the efficiency of hi-tech systems. An elegant and futuristic Domus 4.0.

H.Unica, deals, in fact, with the design and turnkey renovation of houses of value and design. The brand H.Unica - dedicated to the exclusive properties - was born from the thirty years experience in the field.

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