Kou Gallery

Kou Gallery is the non-profit exhibition space of the Kou Association.

The prevailing notion of common sense that our contemporary postmodern world continues to place on art is that of a product with certain formal qualities associated with the idea of beauty that must produce above all a pleasant and comforting reaction in its recipient.

Contemporary art seeks a precise integration with social reality, with the environment that surrounds us, which inevitably puts it in comparison with its visual context. 

The Kou Gallery project was born on these bases and its action is dictated by a precise vision, according to which the work of art is not an object that you see, but an instrument with which you look, able to rethink in new terms ideas and human relationships. It is a significant place where you can compare and welcome novelties and innovative views.

Its primary objective is to increase the dissemination and knowledge of contemporary Italian and international art, paying particular attention to the new generations and the dissemination of the work of Italian artists abroad.

Aware of the centrality of the direct relationship between artists, cultural operators and the public in the enhancement of the arts, Kou Gallery is actively engaged in promoting the cognitive involvement on the beauty emanating from the work of art and the emotional language of the artist.

Kou Gallery chooses to promote only artists with a strong sense of communication, working on original concepts and techniques and can make a difference in today’s and future art scene.

Within its interdisciplinary space, the different expressive codes and personal research that each artist carries out in his work are translated and connected. Creation, beauty and debate are for Kou Gallery fundamental and essential factors of a renewal process that invests all artistic fields and is the spokesman of the desire to reaffirm the central role of the city of Rome in the Italian and international art scene.

The artistic director of Kou Gallery is Massimo Scaringella.

Kou Gallery is managed by Kou a non-profit association for the promotion of visual arts.