Authentic Self

Authentic Self

30 Jun 2021 - 30 Jul 2021

Wednesday 30 Jun 2021 | 17:30-21:30

Kou Gallery - Via della Barchetta, 13 - 00186 Roma

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Miriam Alè, Evita Andujar, Matteo Basilè, Jordi A. Bello Tabbi, Benedetta Cari, Clelia Catalano, Paolo Cenciarelli, Milly Cope, Angelo Cricchi, Baco, Ilaria D'Atri, Fabio Lovino, Angelo Marinelli, Efisio Rocco Marras, Jacopo Paglione, Simone Passeri, Caterina Silva, Albertine Simonet, Ursu.

The idea of this exhibition is to celebrate the release of the fifth volume of the magazine FLEWID entitled "Authentic Self " and which collects the stories of: Alba and Luca Trapanese, Chadia Rodriguez, Cosima, Extraweg, Gabriel Montesi, Gaia Weiss, Giuseppe Dave Seke, Jenny De Nucci, MamboLosco, Roberta Mattei and Madior Fall, Sveva Basirah Balzini.

FLEWID is in search of beauty where most see irregularities and defects, it is an urgency to tell unknown universes, the pride of existing of other ages, other skills, other bodies.

FLEWID is an incubator of talent that conducts its own research in the fields of fashion, photography and art, without fear of crossing the boundaries drawn to access unexplored lands. The name comes from the union of two words "FLEW" (simple past of the English verb Fly) and Freudian "ID", which is that part of the individual's psychic structure that generates desire. "Flew-Id" therefore evokes those drives of the Id that once released, made to fly, cross mental barriers or pre-established social conventions and make man more psychically fulfilled.

FLEWID is a book and magazine published by a transgender publisher, Emi Marchionni, with the fundamental collaboration of Angelo Cricchi (Creative Director), Giulio Cascini (Fashion Director) and Jordi A. Bello Tabbi (Art Director).

FLEWID explores, discovers and declines the concept of "unconventional beauty" through a series of stories about people and their way of shaping their own personal development, in an attempt to outline a new no-gender, no-mainstream aesthetic and create a new imagery in which diversity is no longer a fashionable ghetto, but a captivating and evolving portrait of reality.

The exhibited works are a selection of the works and authors published in the first five volumes of the magazine and in the online edition. 


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