Giovanna Pimpinella

Giovanna Pimpinella
Critics for events at Kou Gallery

Bright Moon
25 Feb 2013 - 22 Mar 2013

A freelance journalist, she works in the fields of communication, graphics, events and publishing. In addition to exhibitions, round tables, and training courses, she has produced film and theatre reviews linked to the theme of literature. She has collaborated with various publishing houses, including Electa, Marsilio Editore and Damiani, in the production of books and catalogues dedicated to the art and fashion sectors, coordinating and creating both the contents and the graphic design. In the field of art, as well as curating events, she has signed various articles on art history and two volumes dedicated to Rome: "Il fantastico quartiere Coppedé tra simboli e decorazioni" and "Il Ponte verso il Paradiso. storia di ponte Sant'Angelo". She has had various professional relationships with the Soprintendenza per i Beni Artistici ed Architettonici in Rome and the Museo di Arte Orientale in Rome.

Since 2011 she has had a blog dedicated to the history of art and customs, where you can still read her, while she has collaborated with the online publications and, with dedicated columns.

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