Silvana Chiozza

Silvana Chiozza

Argentinean of distant Italian ancestry, Silvana Chiozza has studied painting since her childhood in Buenos Aires, and has not stopped painting even in parallel with her demanding university course at the Faculty of Medicine. After graduating, she came to Rome in 1988 with a scholarship to the Institute of Child Psychiatry at the Sapienza University, but, torn between psychoanalysis and painting, she finally decided to devote herself entirely to art. And to stay in Rome.

She went through various artistic experiences in the early years of her career, in particular graphics and trompe-l'oeil, travelling extensively in Italy and abroad. Since 1998 she has devoted herself mainly to painting, obtaining excellent recognition in these years at her numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Germany and South Korea.

Well-known critics have written about her: Carlo Fabrizio Carli and Paolo Cicchini in Italy, Rafael Squirru, Rosa Maria Ravera and Enrique Gené in Argentina, Josep Cadena in Spain.

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