Nicola Rotiroti

Resident artist

Italian artist, Nicola Rotiroti is of French origins. Born on 24th June, 1973 in Catanzaro, he was taught by some of the finest master painters Salvatore Brancato, Luigi Magli. Today, he lives and works in Rome. In 2006, he established 'Studio 54' a workshop which over the years has turned into a place of experiences where artists confront on their research .

In 2014, It opens the " Spazio Y " an experimental exhibition center , born in Quadraro old district in Rome , by the will of four artists , driven by the need to give the territory an unconventional place , where we can stimulate a dialectic between artists and curators involved the work of the world of art and culture .

Rotiroti's poetic vision began focusing on painting people breathlessly suspended underwater, from 2004. The subjects are Nicola's friends and family and he endeavours to capture the bare essence of these 'amniotic' images. The veil of water and its fluidity surge towards the limits of time, reality and apnoea. He pins down the absolute in time and as the camera captures the image for eternity, it creates a sense of ecstatic rapture in the subjects' faces, a perfect image of a moment, suspended, prevented from becoming sublime.

Currently, Nicola's Rotitroti is exploring the apnoeic state, perceptively transforming it further by abandoning  the original photograph, distorting its perspective, and legitimizing a de-sublimated private image. He captures the enigmatic breathlessly - the true enigma, the place from where the gaze is disturbing, yet fascinating; vibrant, a passage through the void that stings at a visceral level.Despite this, the image is there, in the picture, silently questioning; secretive, yet open.  Recognition of the gaze, is only by touch.By holding his breath for longer, the artist has breathed new life in, and again he breaks the invisible limits of vision.

Nicola Rotiroti has participated in various person and collective exhibitions. One of his works was selected to be added to the Farnesina collection, and participated in the 54th Venice Biennale.

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