Mario Nalli

Mario Nalli was born in Morolo in the province of Frosinone in 1960, he lives and works in Rome.

Since he was a child he attended the artists' studios and started painting at the same time, he is a self-taught artist guided by knowledgeable hands. His first exhibition was presented at the age of eight years and from that moment passing through many experiments (watercolors, acrylic colors, inks of various kinds) has chosen the oil color as its own means of expression, pursues a gestural painting and skillfully molds the color bringing the viewer in a dimension of abstract figuration.

Assistant to several artists including Piero Pizzi Cannella. He exhibited in group exhibitions in '87 in Loreto, in '92 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and since 1993 he has exhibited continuously at the Attico Gallery of Fabio Sargentini with both solo and group exhibitions.

Main solo exhibitions:

1993 Rome Gallery l'Attico "Violet" presentation in the catalog Presentation Mariano Apa
2012 Rome Galleria l'Attico "Terre inviolate" presentation in the catalog Fabio Sargentini
2014 Rome Gallery l'Attico "Miraggio di Mare" presentation in catalog by Fabio Sargentini
2015 Rome Gallery l'Attico "Wave of blood" from an idea of Fabio Sargentini and Elsa Agalbato

Major group exhibitions:

1987 Loreto 90 Years Sangallo Hall presentation in the catalog Roberto Lambarelli
1992 Rome Palace exhibitions "IV young" presentation in catalog Mariano Apa
1995 Rome Galleria l'Attico " Magazzino " presentation in Fabio Sargentini's catalogue
2015 Rome Galleria l'Attico "C'è chi dipinge" presentation by Fabio Sargentini

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