Kenneth Blom

Kenneth Blom

Born in 1967 in Roskilde, Denmark, Blom moved to Norway as a child.
He studied at the Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo (1990-1994), as well as at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts (1994-1995).
He has shown extensively in Europe, including as a featured artist at Sotheby’s New Bond Street in London, at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway, at Jason Mc Coy Gallery in New York, and regularly at Galeri Haaken in Oslo.
Today, Blom lives and works in Oslo.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin
2023 Jason Mc Coy Gallery, New York
2023 KOU Gallery, Rome
2023 Fine Art Oslo
2023 Art Karlsruhe, Germany, represented by Luisa Catucci Gallery
2023 Kunstverein Bad Nauheim, Frankfurth, curated by Luisa Catucci
2022 Gallery Weekend Berlin, CSR show by Art At Berlin, Luisa Catucci Gallery
2021 Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin
2021 Paintings and sculptures by Kenneth Blom Dropsfabrikken galleri
2020. Illumination. Gallery Haaken Oslo
2020. Soloshow Gallery Birch Copenhagen. Gallery Birch.
2020. Galleri Haaken, Oslo.
2020. Galleri Guddal, Seimsfoss.
2020. Galleri Birch, Copenhagen
2019. Lyon Particule – Lyon/France
2019. Architypes. Luisa Catucci Gallery , Berlin
2019. `Intruder` New works Jason McCoy gallery, New York
2019. Gallery Dropsfabrikken Trondhjem, Norway
2018. Pekin Fine Art, Beijing
2017. Muster Meier Gallery Bern/Switzerland
2017. Pekin Fine art Hong Kong
2017. Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2016. Cumulus. Maerz contemporary Berlin
2015. Wo are you? Gallery Haaken Oslo
2014. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York
2013. Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2012. Studio Hugo Opdal/Moods of Norway Flø
2012. Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2011. Maerz Contemporary, Berlin
2011. Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2010. Galleri Bouhlou, Bergen
2010. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York
2009. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2008. Stavanger Art Society European Capital of Culture
2007. Colonnade Gallery at Sotheby’s, London
2007. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2006. Aalesunds Art Society
2005. Henie Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden
2003. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2002. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2000. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
1999. Galleri 27, Oslo
1998. Galleri 27, Oslo

Group Exhibitions

2020. `and guess what`. Group shw. Luisa Catucci gallery Berlin
2020. Art Herning-Denmark. Galleri Birch
2020. Dropsfabrikken gallery Trondheim
2016. Studio Hugo Opdal Flø/Ulstein
2014. Transformation. Serbia/Beograd-Romania/Buchuresti
2014. Rarity gallery, Greece
2013. jason McCoy Gallery, New York
2011. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York
2010. Jason McCoy Gallery, New York
2006. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2004. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
2003. Henie Onstad Art Center
2002. Galleri Haaken, Oslo
1998. Galleri Bomuldsfabrikken, Arendal
1995. Trondheim Art Society
1994. Galleri Bomuldsfabrikken, Arendal
1994. Oslo Art Society
1991. Galleri 27, Oslo

Art Fairs & Auctions

2023 Nagel Auction, Stuttgard
2023 Sothebys Auction Vienna
2023 Art Karlsruhe, Luisa Catucci Gallery
2023 Art Herning, Represented by Galleri Birch
2021. Charity auction Vienna 2021 • Vienna Federation of industrialists
2020. Positions Art FAit Berlin. Luisa Catucci Gallery
2020. Art fair Art Athena. Cube Gallery Greece
2020. Art Fair Positions Berlin. Luisa Catucci Gallery
2020. Art Karlsruhe. Luisa Catucci gallery
2019 Positions Berlin. Luisa Catucci gallery.
2019 LArt Basel-Volta, Luisa Catucci gallery.
2016 Positions Berlin -Art Fair- 2016
2015`Theater of operations` Soloshow Pèkin fine art Hong Kong

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