Edoardo Civitella

Edoardo Civitella (Rome 1978) is a self-taught artist, scholar and solitary. He has always lived art as "a key to interpreting reality". The association with the humanities characterized his research. E.C. is a multifaceted artist, who does not hesitate to express himself with new mediums. E.C. has exhibited at exhibitions such as 2014: Mys-sing Things - Rome; 2013: Romanimale - Maniphesta - Rome; 2012: SPAM! Artist Postcards - Fondazione Pastificio Cerere - Rome; 2012: Finalist Eco Creativity AGAT - Casa della Cultura Municipio VI - Rome; 2008: Exhibitions, curated by Mario Dell'Aquila - Galleria SMAC Segni Mutanti Arte Contemporanea - Rome.

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