Metamorphosis of the horizon

Lilyana Karadjova

Metamorphosis of the horizon

23 Mar 2023 - 13 Apr 2023

Thursday 23 Mar 2023 | 18:00-21:00

Kou Gallery - Via della Barchetta, 13 - 00186 Roma

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Massimo Scaringella

Artist profile
Lilyana Karadjova

And then another vertigo takes hold of me, that of the detail of the detail of the detail, I get sucked into the infinitely small, as before I dispersed into the infinitely vast
Italo Calvino "American Lessons."

It is no coincidence that at the beginning of their creative adventure, many artists based their work by seeking a balanced and universal art, thinking of it as a means of achieving a harmony that fits reality. So much so that it is not uncommon, beyond the formal schemes that characterize their creative quest, to discover the poetic vein, the true total essence, in which sensitivity is channeled through an intelligent and orderly weighting that distributes the different elements contained in the work and that make up its visual imagery. The work thus represents for the artist an experimental and spontaneous moment of creative ideation, where it clearly testifies to the forming of the image, the horizon as writing that coming out of the unconscious becomes visual thought. This is the background for this cycle of Lilyana Karadjova's photographic works entitled "Metamorphosis of the horizon" which are presented in her first solo exhibition in Italy. These works express entirely the sense of a visual and spontaneous essentiality, but structurally linked to her vision of nature and the infinite horizon of life. In formulating his works he learned the palpitating feeling of light, a light suspended between earth and sky, between lines that blur into perspective. Composing visions in which the lines of horizons, somewhere between naturalistic appeal and a geometric grid in strict compositional function enhance the color distribution. These photographs or rather "photographic compositions" with complicated technical and conceptual manipulation explore the boundaries of the limits of photography, which can be interrupted or merged through different exposure techniques. Works composed of the traditional 24x36mm frames running along the length of a 35mm film, where attention is drawn to the thin vertical lines dividing the frames, which appear as narrow 24x2mm portions translating the notion that these lines can be contemplated on the analogy of the idea of reading between the lines in a text. But they are evidence that the horizon is conceived as a dynamic, inconstant entity that changes its visibility and becomes subject to transformation. This view is presented at different times of the day, during which visibility changes and thus challenges the stable perception of the horizon as an eternal horizontal line. Hence the artist by taking multiple exposures tries to obtain a total space of the frame in which the lines of perspective and those separating the shots build a geometric composition, in which horizontal and vertical elements join and interfere in new objects with versatile directions. Thus allowing in a second approach the entry of new elements from the airspace to the earth. Thus, the contradiction of visual imagery is staged, favoring a different reading depending on the spatial breadth, which resolves the surface through tones, and the suggestions of chromatics that enhance the pure and sharp intoxication of infinity. "Art is a step from nature to infinity" Gibran Jalil Gibran. Here, then, that this experience, will take on the figure of past and future, what has always been and what will be; abandonment in a suspended time with no more beginning or end. In a single word: beauty.

The Project is realized with the collaboration of the National Fund for Culture of Bulgaria and the Culture Program of the Sofia Municipality.

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