Angelo Marinelli

Angelo Marinelli

Angelo Marinelli was born in Monteiasi (Taranto).

After studying engineering, he moved to Rome in 2004 where he graduated in industrial design.

He inherited a passion for photography from his father and from an early age he was self-taught.

During the early 2000s, in addition to studying, Angelo worked as a graphic designer and photographer, and it was during this period that he refined his lighting and post-production techniques.

Between 2010 and 2013 he lived in Asia, and from there he undertook a series of journeys that would lead him to broaden his artistic and cultural panorama and, at the same time, strengthen his origins.

Angelo Marinelli's photographic research aims to rediscover a new identity of vision through choices that actually throw themselves into the light, reorganising even the portions of time that determine the formation of the image. His monolithic and silent overviews of modern society represent a new way of handling the metaphors of vision, without running into clichés or useless baroques. In the poetics of abandonment and the search for emptiness as a perfect point of ascetic reflection, the artist brings to light a universe made up of minimal movements and dense architectural stratifications. These characteristics contribute to building a perfect and delicate mythopoiesis, which rests on time itself as a generator of images. Angelo Marinelli's eye is capable of rediscovering beauty through another way of seeing reality, rekindling that taste for the enigma hidden behind everyday things. His research has something Homeric about it, to which he adds a discreet dose of melancholy, which transforms each photograph into a metaphysical environment that remains in the memory, and indeed it is the latter that generates itself in the mind of the spectator, who absorbs the vision, making it his own. The choice of colours and tones, very often cold and desaturated, achieves a structural setting and a soft and sensual linguistic technique that contribute to heighten the sense of curiosity and fascination for each frame. The images thus become a private form of dialogue between the formation of all things and the retina that observes them from every possible angle. An omniscience dictated by the lens that rediscovers a taste for deciding and surprising through beauty and a new way of seeing.


2016 "Almost Elsewhere", Italian Cultural Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil, curated by Micol Di Veroli

2015 "Periferias Romana", MACRo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rosario, Argentina, curated by Massimo Scaringella

2015 "Periferias Romana", Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Massimo Scaringella

2014 "Identidad del presente", Istituto de Cultura Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Massimo Scaringella

2013 "Playground", La Ira de Dios, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Massimo Scaringella

2012 "the Gift", Teatro Quirino, curated by Teresa Emanuele


2016 "The silk Road", Castel dell'Ovo, Naples, curated by Alessandro Riva

2016 "un pesce in una biglia", Palazzo dei Papi, Viterbo curated by Maria Elena Piferi

2016 "Contemporary Archetypes" Lajatico (Pi) curated by Matteo Graniti

2016 "In-Perfectione", Pinacoteca Comunale, Ruvo di Puglia, curated by Carmelo Cipriani

2015 "The Others", Palazzo Dolfin Bollani, Venice - Italy

2015 "BIPA 2015", Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona - Spain

2015 "In Nomine Sancti", Art and Ars Gallery, Galatina (Lecce) - Italy, curated by Carmelo Cipriani and Katia Olivieri

2014-2015 "Bienal del fin del mundo", Casa del Puente, Mar del Plata, Argentina, curated by Massimo Scaringella

2014 "Pop Art Italian Show", Hubei Museum of Art, Hubei, China, curated by Alessandro Riva

2014 "L'arte contemporanea per il sociale", La Pelanda del Macro, Rome, Italy, curated by Graziano Menolascina

2014 "35>trentacinque" - Spazio Cerere, curated by Angelo Cricchi

2013 "3Small" , laranarossagallery, Latina, Italy, curated by Ersilia Sarrecchia

2013 "Zooart 2013", Ortona (Chieti), Italy

2013 "Oltre la visione", PerPiacere, Auditorium Roma, curated by Laura Scaringella

2013 "Crossover", Corderie, Tesa 113 - Venice, curated by Alessandro Riva and Ji Shaofeng

2012 "Zooart 2012", Ortona (Chieti)

2010 "Artist in the wonderland", Tsagarada - Greece, curated by Molecular Project


2016 Under 40, Fondazione Modena, finalist

2015 BIPA Barcelona International Photography Award, winner 

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